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How to Create a Usable Outdoor Space

November 19, 2019

Summer is here and, even better, autumn is just around the corner. These are the months in which homeowners everywhere are looking for ways to make their outdoor spaces more usable, enjoyable, and attractive. Here are some of our suggestions for enhancing an outdoor space to make your property more functional and beautiful for yourself and for entertaining guests:

Build a deck

Decks are a key component of making an outdoor space more useable as they provide for a flat, easily cleanable space. They are also an ideal spot for furniture and outdoor equipment like a grill, where people can mingle, and where you can relax to enjoy your property. There are a variety of deck options you can choose, from small backdoor patios to expansive decks that run the whole length of your house. There are also several great building materials to choose from including traditional cedar decking and new, easily maintainable composite material.

Add garden lighting

Garden lighting makes your outdoor space more usable during dusk and nighttime while also enhancing the nighttime curb appeal. Plus, decorating with garden lighting is a fun way to put your own unique touch on your backyard as you'll have a ton of options to play with. There are lanterns that can be hung from trees, roofs, and posted along your deck, or you might opt for low-voltage path lights that meander around your lawn.

Lay out pathways

If you like the idea of path lights, you might also add special pathways in your backyard to both keep people from trampling on your grass and gardens and offer an aesthetic touch. You might consider working with a contractor to determine the most logical locations and best path materials for your backyard.

Build garden beds

Raised garden beds and terraced gardens are ideal places to plant flowers, vegetables, and other greenery. Such raised methods allow you to easily add soil that is more suitable to the plants you want to grow and provide for much better drainage for healthier plants with a longer lifespan.

To learn more about the different things you can do to enhance your backyard space, or for help deciding which is the best deck design and materials for your property, contact us today at  at Woodscape Construction. We are the leader in Northern Virginia decking and are well equipped to help you meet your design, budget, at site requirements for your new (and very usable) backyard deck.  

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